Connecting your Instagram account with Digivizer is easy!

Before you start, LOG OUT of the Instagram accounts you want to connect on your desktop or phone (whichever you are using to connect). During the process, you will be prompted to log into the correct accounts. Also, make sure you have the correct level of permissions if you’re connecting business accounts.

To get started, head to the ‘Manage Connections’ tab located under the cog in the top-right of your Digivizer screen.

Connecting your Personal Instagram Account

To connect your personal Instagram account, select the blue ‘Connect’ button located next to the ‘Instagram Personal’ headline on the ‘Manage Connections’ page. Then just follow the prompts (including logging into the correct account as you go)!

If you’re interested in using social media for marketing, we recommend that you upgrade your personal Instagram account into an Instagram Business account.

What is the difference between a personal Instagram account and an Instagram Business or Creator account?

With an Instagram Business or Creator account, you can access richer metrics including impressions, reach and video views for your Instagram posts. Instagram considers these types of accounts ‘Professional’, as opposed to ‘Personal’.

None of these metrics are available to you in a personal Instagram account! And they can really help you understand who is engaging with your content, even if you’re a solo operator.

Find out how to upgrade your account to an Instagram Business account here.

Connecting your Instagram Business Account

Facebook owns both Facebook and Instagram. Because of this, you can connect your Facebook and Instagram Business and Creator Accounts via the same menu.

You can connect your Instagram Business or Creator Account at the same time as your Facebook Business Account. You can also connect them separately.

If you have not connected any Facebook or Instagram Accounts to Digivizer, go to the ‘Manage Connections’ page. Scroll to the ‘Facebook and Instagram Business’ section and click the blue ‘Connect’ button on the right hand side. Follow the prompts to choose which Facebook Business Pages and Instagram Business or Creator Accounts to connect to Digivizer.

Alternatively, if you have already connected your Facebook to Digivizer, press the blue ‘Connect’ button next to ‘Instagram Business Account’ and follow the prompts.

Connecting your Instagram Creator Account

This follows the same process as connecting your Instagram Business Account detailed above. Please note that if you wish to connect your Instagram Creator Account, you can do so via the ‘Instagram Business Account’ connection button, as Instagram views both these account types as ‘Professional’.

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