How do I set up a YouTube channel?

Set up your first YouTube channel!

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Creating a YouTube channel using your Google account

Using your Google account, you can watch, share and comment on YouTube content. Google will not automatically create you a YouTube channel. However, this is a quick and simple process.

1. Go to YouTube and sign in

Head over to and click ‘sign in’ in the top right corner of the page:

Then log in using the Google Account you’d like your channel to be associated with:

2. Head over to your YouTube settings

In the top right corner of the screen, click on your profile icon and then the ‘Settings’ cog icon.

3. Create your channel

Under your settings, you’ll see the option to “Create a channel,” click on this link, then press ‘ Get Started’.

Next, you’ll have the option to create a personal channel or create a channel using a business or other name. For this example, we’ll choose the “custom” option:

Now, it’s time to name your channel:

Lastly, we set up a few customisation options.

The channel options available include:

Product or Brand

Company Institution or Organization

Arts, Entertainment or Sports


Note: a new Google+ page will also be created for your brand.

Congratulations! You’ve just created a new YouTube channel!

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