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How do I add an Influencer to Digivizer?
How do I add an Influencer to Digivizer?

If you're running influencer marketing, you can track their social media metrics, too.

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The first thing you want to do (after you’ve connected your own brand accounts!) is to go to “Manage Brand Space”. Click on your Brand Space name in the navigation bar to see this button.

Note: If you can’t see this button, you’re likely not an Admin of your Brand Space. Contact the person who set up your brand in Digivizer and ask them to go to “Manage Brand Space” and adjust your level of permissions (probably from “User” to “Admin”).

You’ll see something similar to this on the “Manage Brand Space” page. Here’s where you can invite new Admins, Users and Influencers to your Brand Space, and also change their level of permissions.

Influencers are listed separately to everyday Users and Admins. At the bottom of the page, input your influencers’ email addresses one at a time, then hit “Send Invite”. Your influencers will then receive emails inviting them to Digivizer courtesy of you. All they have to do is accept the invitation!

Once your influencer has accepted the invitation, they’ll be listed in the bottom section. If they don’t accept the invitation, or can’t find it, the “Invite Status” column will instead show you a blue button that reads “Re-Send Invite”.

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