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How can I share a Digivizer report?
How can I share a Digivizer report?
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We've designed Digivizer with sharing in mind, and you won't have to share your password to do it!

If you want to share a report on your Brand Space (where you have your data) without having access to add or remove accounts, or see your password, you can add them as a 'user'.

1. Where you see your team name on the menubar, click on it, and choose "Manage Brand Space"

2. Enter your team-mates email address in the box, ensure that User is chosen in the drop-down, and then click "Send Invite"

Once your invite is accepted, that email login will have the ability to see all your social, web and paid data but not change anything. They can simply choose the date range that's appropriate, and see what you see.

There's no additional cost for adding users to your Brand Space, and an added bonus is that the email you invite will also receive our weekly and monthly Digivizer Express, giving them a run-down on the past week and month of activity!

Digivizer Express keeps your team across drops and spikes in engagement, traffic and even revenue, so you know where you stand and can keep driving toward your goals.

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