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How can I share a Digivizer report?
How can I share a Digivizer report?
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We've designed Digivizer with sharing in mind, and you won't have to share your password to do it!

Depending on your Digivizer plan you will have access to different reporting options including inviting your team into your Brand space, weekly and monthly performance reports and flexible custom reporting options.

Digivizer Express

This feature is available to all customers. If you are Free Plan users you will enjoy Weekly and Monthly performance reports delivered directly to your inbox. For those on our paid plans, whoever you have invited into your Brand Space will automatically receive these reports too.

Digivizer Express is a summary of your Overview page for the previous week or month, and are designed to keep everyone across drops and spikes in engagement, traffic and even revenue, so you know where you stand and can keep driving toward your goals.

Navigate to Reporting and ensure you have them toggled on!

Note the Weekly reports are sent each Monday and the Monthly reports are sent out 3 days after the end of the previous month.

Inviting Users to your Brand Space
This feature is available to all our customers on a paid plan. When you invite your team into your Brand Space, you create the ultimate transparency across all of your digital marketing data. We recommend you invite your team, stakeholders or agency partners. Follow these steps to invite them now:

  • Where you see your team name on the menu bar, click on it, and choose "Manage Brand Space"

  • Enter your team-mates email address in the box, ensure that User is chosen in the drop-down, and then click "Send Invite"​

Once your invite is accepted, that User will have the ability to see all your social, web and paid data but they will not be able to manage connections or users. Ensure you have your Time Zone set so that everyone in the Brand Space, regardless of their location - creating consistency of data for all users.

Custom Reports

The flexibility of our Custom Report feature, gives you the ability to send a report in email or PDF format to any person, for any reporting period. You must be on one of our paid plans to unlock this feature.

Follow these steps to send your first Custom Report.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Reporting’ tab

  2. Choose either “PDF” or “Email” report, depending on whether your want an overview (Email) or an in-depth report (PDF)

  3. Choose the dates you wish to run the report.

  4. Choose “Select All” to send the report to everyone in your Brand Space, select specific people or, type in individual email addresses.

  5. You may wish to add a message to your team to help them understand your reasons for sharing the report and provide context to the data they are looking at.

  6. Press “Send now”

If you wish to upgrade your account or you require any further support, please book a support demo with one of our experts or contact us via the in-platform chat feature.

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