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How to post organically on Facebook Ads Manager
How to post organically on Facebook Ads Manager
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  • You will need access to Facebook Ads Manager

Posting using Facebook Business Ads Manager allows you to directly and neatly link your audience to a specific site, as well as change the image, description and headline.


Log into Facebook Business.

Go to Ads Manager.

Make sure at the top it reads the right account name. We've set up our Business Manager with a folder for organic posts called Organic Content [year]. If you're more on the organic content side and you need an "organic campaign" set up, ask your paid media manager.

Within the "campaign" level, we've set up ad sets referring to each month. At this stage, pick the ad set with the right month. (For new campaigns, this naming convention is awesome.)

Duplicate the most recent "ad" (organic post).

When you duplicate, choose existing campaign and existing ad set.

Here's an example of our naming conventions for these organic ads: Date (dd/mm/yyyy): Product Name/Ad set Idea.

Add your content to the "ad": this includes the graphic, description, link and heading (which shows up under graphic in bold).

Make sure you put in the right link to the right product! If you're involved in ecommerce, your best CTA is Shop Now.

Check how it looks and that the link is right. Then hit PUBLISH (green button at the bottom of the ad set up).

Publish doesn’t actually post it - it’s now an ad but not live. To make it live, go to page posts, then ad posts, and click the top ad. The top one should be the one you just set up.

Check over it again, then click the actions dropdown menu in the top right. If you're ready for it to go live, click "post now"!

Check how it looks on your live Facebook on your desktop and phone. Then you’re DONE! You've posted your own custom-made organic post via Facebook Ads Manager without needing to spend a cent.

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