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How do I create a Google My Business Page?
How do I create a Google My Business Page?

Raise your profile in Google Search

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Setting up your Google My Business page is a critical part of your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. It helps with making your business both discoverable to customers, but also indicating to Google that your business and its associated details (like your website) are authentic.

Here’s how to get your business listed with Google My Business.

  1. Log into the Google account you would like to be associated with your business, or create a new Google account for the business if you don’t have one.

  2. Go to and make sure you’re signed in. Then click either “Start Now” or “Manage Now”.

  3. Enter your business name.

  4. Enter your business address.

  5. Select whether your customers come to you to buy goods or services, or whether you deliver to them. At this step, you can also choose to hide your address if you don’t want it to be publicly available (such as if you work from home).

  6. Select your business category. Be as accurate as possible!

  7. Enter your business phone number and website.

  8. Choose a verification method.

  9. Verify your business listing by postcard, by phone, by email, via instant verification, or bulk verification.

Now your listing has been created, you can optimize it and make use of it regularly to make sure your customers are fully up to date with your business operations. Head to the Google My Business dashboard and add as much detail as you can, including photos, your hours (which you should update regularly for public holidays), responding to reviews, and adding updates and announcements. Keeping your listing up to date tells Google your business is still in operation.

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