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How Can I See Where My Web Traffic Is Coming From?
How Can I See Where My Web Traffic Is Coming From?

Understanding Digivizer's Traffic Source

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What is Traffic Source?

Traffic Source is a feature in Digivizer that sits within our Web Performance Tab. Here, you can see an up-to-date ranking of each platform (or the 'sources') your business is present on (from search pages to social media channels ), filtered by how many visitors have clicked on your website directly from that platform.

(Pictured Above): Traffic Source Feature In Digivizer

What does Traffic Source tell me?

By understanding which platforms are driving the most traffic, you can make informed decisions based on where your most engaged consumers exist. Which makes it easier to invest your time, energy, and resources on the platforms that serve you best.

Digivizer's Traffic Source let's you analyse your site's new users (not previously on your site) to all users - from organic, paid, social, search, direction, referral, email (easily able to see at the individual source) as well as what platform has generated any goals you are tracking and conversion results. If you are an e-commerce site this includes the value of conversions generated by that source!

Pictured Above: Click any Source to expand it to see a more granular view of where it came from and whether it was referral or social, paid etc.

How can I use Traffic Source?

Expand each traffic source row to see a granular view of which particular campaigns, referrals, or projects delivered traffic. Got particular traffic goals for your company? Sort by e-commerce transactions or particular traffic to a specific page you want to record.

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