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Intro to TikTok Advertising in Digivizer
Intro to TikTok Advertising in Digivizer
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With Digivizer you can track how your TikTok ads are performing so you can keep doing what works and maximize your ROAS. The best part is it’s super simple and affordable.

First you’re going to connect your account via the ‘Manage Connections’ tab located under the cog in the top right of the Digivizer platform.

After being connected successfully, you’ll be able to view:

Spend per Campaign or Ad




Conversions Value

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

In the Paid tab, you will now have access to the above insights on a platform, campaign, adset and advert level for TikTok Ads, side-by-side with any other paid accounts you have connected to the platform.

The next step once you're successfully connected is producing high quality Tiktok content that speaks to your audience. Challenging conventions and aiming for unique creative output is always a refreshing way to grow your engagement.

Tip: Tiktok has only just recently made analytics for earned and regular social media posts available (as opposed to just ads). So this is a definite priority on our roadmap, although we don't yet have an expected time frame of when Tiktok organic analytics will be integrated on Digivizer.

If you're still having issues connecting, please message our Intercom live chat located in the bottom right of the Digivizer screen.

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