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Is Digivizer GDPR compliant?

Keeping your data safe.

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How does Digivizer make sure my data is secure?
Digivizer works on permission first. When you connect your account to Digivizer, you will be asked by the Platform if you wish to share your data with Digivizer. Digivizer receives a ‘token’ which represents an agreement between Digivizer and the Platform to provide access to the data you have elected to share.

Your password is never recorded, and the ‘token’ - along with the agreement to share the data - can be cancelled at any time.

We securely store your token in an Amazon managed database, which is fully encrypted (transit and rest) with full audit controls in place. Only you, and whomever you invite into your brand space, see your data. Your data is securely partitioned within our database.

Each day, Digivizer uses this same token to download the activity data for the account. We pass the token securely to a downloading system, which will download and store the account data. This data is partitioned from every other account and has access controls in place. When a customer views a chart, a table, or a list of posts, we do this in a secure way to ensure only you can access the data.

Our platform will create a cryptographic token using a secret key that only Digivizer knows. This key is used to encode the accounts that you have access to. The API responsible for providing chart or post data verifies this token against Digivizer’s secret key, which makes it impossible for someone else to access your data.

Keeping Your Data Private
We have strict controls in place in our Amazon Web Services account. Access to AWS is restricted to lead developers, and all developers have two-factor authentication in place to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. We also have auditing in place for all developers, so we can see at any time if a developer has accessed a database or a server. We’re GDPR compliant and committed to keeping your data safe.

Audited and Verified by Facebook
Our security controls have been audited by Facebook, and we are working towards an ISO 270001 certification to formally verify that our controls and processes are up to industry standards. For more information, you can refer to our privacy policy here:

If you, or anyone else in your team, has any questions about the security of your data on Digivizer's platform, please feel free to get in touch with Digivizer's Privacy Officer by emailing [email protected], who can answer any questions you may have.

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