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Why aren't my accounts showing when I try to connect to Digivizer?
Why aren't my accounts showing when I try to connect to Digivizer?

What to do if you can't seem to connect an account.

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If you haven't been able to connect your account to Digivizer, it may be because you don't have the correct permissions or account access to the relevant channel. Here are two options to connect your accounts if you do not currently hold the correct permissions* :
​Option One - Invite the Relevant Permission Owner into the Brand Space

This is a good solution if there is a member in your team who holds the relevant log in access and it is not preferred to share them e.g. a Social Media Manager.

  1. To do this, head to the Manage Brand Space page by clicking on your Brand Space name next to the Bell πŸ”” icon.

  2. Once on the Manage Brand Space page, type in the relevant permission owner email to the 'Email to Invite' search bar, and select to invite them as an Admin.

  3. Click Send Invite and ask them to accept. They will now be able to connect any account to Digivizer as normal through the Manage Connections tab following these steps.

​Option Two - Become the Relevant Permission Owner

  1. Depending on the account you are trying to connect, you may need to ask whoever has full administrative access over that relevant account to add you as another Admin (e.g. Meta Business Admin for a company Facebook page and Instagram account, or, Super Admin for a LinkedIn company page). Alternatively, for a personal LinkedIn account or Youtube account, you will need access to the account logins.

  2. Once you have been given Admin permissions or the login details to the relevant account, log into the Digivizer Platform and head to the Manage Connections page. You should be able to connect the account to Digivizer.

* Please note for both options you need to be an Admin to the Brand Space on Digivizer, not a User. This is to ensure account security within your team.

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