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How do I set up or update my weekly and/or monthly report preferences?
How do I set up or update my weekly and/or monthly report preferences?

Updating your report preferences.

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Digivizer provides the options of weekly and/or monthly reports, which provide a super easy snapshot of your brand's period-on-period performance across organic, paid, website and best-performing earned media posts.
Brand Space Admins can choose to share Monthly Insights and Weekly Digivizer Express reports with the team invited into the Brand Space. All accounts, Admins or Users can opt-in and opt-out of these reports in line with their individual preferences.

How to Opt-In/Out of Reports as a Brand Space:

  1. Click on the Brand Space Menu (your brand name next to the bell symbol πŸ””).

  2. Click on 'Manage Brand Space'.

  3. Use the switches to select Last Week or Last Month reports (or both!). To update personal preferences as an Admin, click the blue 'Manage' button next to Report Delivery Schedule.

How to Opt-In/Out of Reports as a User:

  1. If you update your personal preferences as a User, click on the cog symbol βš™οΈ.

  2. Select 'Manage my Account'.

  3. Select 'Report Delivery Schedule' on your left-hand menu.

  4. Use the switches in the Status Column to select which Brand Spaces you would like to receive updates from.

Please note: Monthly Insights Reports include data from the 1st to last day of the month just finished, with performance measured to the precise number of days of the previous month period to ensure apples for apples reporting. For example, you would receive the September Insights Report with 30 days of data, which would compare improvements and declines from your numbers during the period of the 1st - 30th August.

If you have any further questions, get in touch with us by using the blue chat bubble in the right hand corner of your screen.

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