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Why is Total Users in GA4 different to Digivizer Traffic Source?
Why is Total Users in GA4 different to Digivizer Traffic Source?

Comparing Total User count in GA4 and Digivizer Traffic Source

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The difference is caused by how we calculate the totals.

Every day we ask Google for the count of users and new users. For a given day, a unique user will only be counted one time for that day.

Digivizer Traffic Source Analytics

When we calculate the Users and New Users count for e.g. a month, we sum the day count for each day in the month.

However, Google calculates Total Users slightly differently. They will count a unique user ONCE OVER THE RANGE, rather than our per-day calculation.

The difference in figures is because a unique user will be counted once per-range in Google, but once per-day in Digivizer, meaning the Digivizer total could be different.
The overall picture and differences are generally immaterial.

The reason that Digivizer chooses the methodology we operate under is based on the Google API and the data they make available to us, the speed within the platform to make it easy to choose over any periods, and our decision to show how it looks on a daily basis over time (time series).

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