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How do I set up Social Listening?
How do I set up Social Listening?
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How do I set up social listening on the Digivizer platform ?

Setting up social listening helps you monitor what is being said about your company, brand, or campaigns on social media channels.

When you first connect your social media accounts on the Digivizer platform, you will see the opportunity to add a hashtag of your choice into your Earned Media Tab.

Here, you are able to elect to track any hashtag you want to be measured. But wait - not sure where to start in choosing these hashtags? Want to track more than just 1 hashtag? Keep reading along.

For even more powerful social listening you can upgrade to the Standard + Hashtags plan: this gives you up to 6 additional hashtags that will be constantly monitored and displayed. These expand your ability to monitor your digital presence - and let you plan campaigns with monitoring built in from the beginning.

Examples include:

  • create a unique hashtag to use with posts on a competition, campaign, or event and then easily filter and explore earned posts related to these hashtags

  • add brand hashtags used by competitors - to display related posts, see what they are doing, and what is being said about them on social media

  • select a hashtag related to a topic important to your business

Tip before selecting or creating new hashtags:

Do some research. Go to Instagram and in the search bar enter the hashtag you were thinking of using, check if the hashtag already exists, and how it is used.

If there are too many posts already using that tag, and they are for a broad range of topics, look for alternatives.

Good, focused hashtags will make discovering data in your earned tab much easier.

Using hashtags to analyse performance and conversations

Your hashtags are now set up. What next? Follow these tips to get the most from the powerful Digivizer analytics:

  • First, explore your earned content. Start by selecting a date range (top-right of your screen) - perhaps linked to a special event, or simply to analyse content for a forthcoming report

  • Next, sort the posts on your screen - to investigate earned social media activity by date - a great way to collate content for a report; or engagements - a great way of discovering how influential those talking about you really are

  • Refine what is displayed by filtering - using Platform type, mentions, or hashtags. When you click in the filter bar you will see a drop-down menu of all the possible filtering options. Only interested in Instagram? Click that Instagram platform tag to filter out all the other platforms - super-simple but powerful.

Also check out the Summary at the top that shows the total number of posts associated with your brand for the time period selected, which people talked about your brand the most, and which got the highest number of engagements.

Need Help Reporting On the Impact? Check out A Step by Step Guide On Hashtag Reporting here.

If you have any further questions let us know via the chat box in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

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