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How does Digivizer calculate ROAS?
How does Digivizer calculate ROAS?

See how we calculate your return on your advertising spend

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When you’re running digital marketing ads, you need to know how much revenue you’re earning in relation to how much you’re spending and know which campaign or ad is working best for you. How many dollars have you earned compared to ad dollars you’ve spent?

Now you can see the answer instantly.

We’ve added the ROAS or Return on Ad Spend metric that enables you to compare platform, campaign or ad - for every dollar you spend, what the number of dollars are that it converts to on your site.

Return on Ad Spend is calculated by dividing your Conversion Value by your Spend. If you see a value of 2.3, for example, that means you’re getting $2.30 back for every $1 you spend on ads.

You can find your Return on Ad Spend on the Overview screen when you scroll down to the “Paid Accounts”. Here you can see your ROAS for each of your ad accounts on Google and Facebook, as well as your Total ROAS.

You can also find your ROAS in the Paid Performance media table by scrolling to the right, alongside your other Conversion metrics. It’s available on all four levels of the table: Platforms, Campaigns, Adsets and Adverts.

That means you can see and compare your Return on Ad Spend for every ad, campaign and platform you’ve spent on.

This calculation is performed on the most up-to-date data available so you always know what your Return on Ad Spend is for any given time period you select on the (recently improved) Date Picker.

Read our help article for more information on how to use Date Picker.

If you have no Conversions in a particular time period, or Conversions are not set for your ad campaigns, you’ll see a 0.0 on the Overview screen and blank columns in the Paid media table.

You must have Conversions set in your campaigns in both Google Ads and Facebook Ad Manager for values to appear. If you would like to add them, refer to how to do so here:

  • Setting up Conversions for paid campaigns in Google Ads

  • Setting up Conversions for paid campaigns in Facebook Ad Manager

ROAS is currently only available for Google and Facebook ad accounts.

Need more support?

If you need any further support, we recommend you use the in-platform chat feature to connect with our support team or book a demo with our experts.

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