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How do I use Digivizer to measure the effectiveness of my Influencer campaigns?
How do I use Digivizer to measure the effectiveness of my Influencer campaigns?

Use Digivizer to run and track your influencer marketing efforts.

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Digivizer can help make your influencer marketing faster and easier! With Digivizer, you can get all the data from your influencers’ Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time. No need to exchange passwords or wait for their reports! It makes for much faster, more secure reporting.

This help article covers the following topics.

How can I invite influencers to Digivizer?

The first thing you want to do (after you’ve connected your own brand accounts!) is to go to “Manage Brand Space”. Click on your Brand Space name in the navigation bar to see this button.

Note: If you can’t see this button, you’re likely not an Admin of your Brand Space. Contact the person who set up your brand in Digivizer and ask them to go to “Manage Brand Space” and adjust your level of permissions (probably from “User” to “Admin”).

You’ll see something similar to this on the “Manage Brand Space” page. Here’s where you can invite new Admins, Users and Influencers to your Brand Space, and also change their level of permissions.

Influencers are listed separately to everyday Users and Admins. At the bottom of the page, input your influencers’ email addresses one at a time, then hit “Send Invite”. Your influencers will then receive emails inviting them to Digivizer courtesy of you. All they have to do is accept the invitation!

Once your influencer has accepted the invitation, they’ll be listed in the bottom section. If they don’t accept the invitation, or can’t find it, the “Invite Status” column will instead show you a blue button that reads “Re-Send Invite”.

How can I remove influencers from Digivizer?

You can remove influencers from your Brand Space at any time using the “Remove” button on the right hand side.

How can influencers connect their accounts to Digivizer?

Your influencers will receive the following email inviting them to Digivizer.

Once influencers have accepted the invitation, they’ll be able to access their own Brand Space in Digivizer. If they’re brand new to Digivizer, they’ll see this welcome screen.

Now all they need to do is connect their accounts. They can do this by hitting the blue “Connect your accounts” button. Alternatively, they can click the cog wheel in the top right hand corner and select “Manage Your Connections”.

We recommend you ask your influencers to connect the accounts they’ll be promoting your brand from, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Once that’s done, the influencer will be able to see all their social media accounts and data like with any ordinary Brand Space!

From there, so long as the influencer uses your brand social media handles (e.g. @digivizer) or hashtags that you have asked our Support Team to add to your account to track, in their sponsored posts, all data for those posts will be shared into your company’s Brand Space.

That’s the benefit to inviting Influencers to your Brand Space. Because of privacy laws and protections, most post data (such as impressions and engagements) is kept private, inaccessible to others. For example, you can no longer see how many likes others’ Instagram posts have. But with Digivizer and these Influencer invitations, you can, because the influencer has given you permission! And everything is still secure.

How do I monitor influencers with Digivizer?

It’s easy to monitor influencer activity with Digivizer’s “Earned Media” tab. The key thing you have to remember is that initially, only posts with your tracked hashtags and your brand name will show up on the Earned page.

That means if you want to run an influencer campaign and monitor it with Digivizer, you will either have to:

  • Ask your influencers to use your brand handle (e.g. @digivizer), or

  • Contact Digivizer’s support team via the bubble in the bottom right hand corner to add a unique campaign hashtag to your account

Whichever you choose, once your influencers begin posting with the proper hashtags or handles, those relevant posts will show up in your Earned tab. You can then monitor the influencers’ activity and the performance of their posts when you’re ready to, rather than when the campaign is over!

How can I report on influencers using Digivizer?

Digivizer is a useful tool to report on your influencer marketing campaigns. In the Earned Media tab, you can see all posts that mention your brand handle (e.g. @digivizer). So long as your influencers use this, or another hashtag that you have asked our Support Team to add to your account so you can track it, you’ll be able to see their posts in the Earned tab.

Once your influencers have connected their accounts to Digivizer, you’ll see more data on your influencers’ posts as opposed to non-influencers’ posts. Take a look at one example from Instagram:

Non-Influencer Instagram Post

Influencer Instagram Post

This is great for reporting at a glance or from your Digivizer dashboard. You can see all the relevant data in one place.

To monitor and report on your influencer marketing campaign in a broader sense, use the date picker to encompass the time period where your influencers were posting.

You can then use the filter bar to narrow down the results you’re seeing by platform, username, or hashtag. You can even type into the filter bar to set a custom filter (such as a particular influencer’s username)!

If you’re composing reports somewhere else, such as in a spreadsheet or presentation, you can also download all the data from the Digivizer Earned tab into a .CSV file so you can use it for your own purposes.

Note: Before you download the CSV, make sure all the posts you care about have loaded on the page. If there’s a large volume of posts, it might take a minute to load everything. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see “No more posts for this date range” to be sure you’ve got everything.

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