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How can I report on influencers using Digivizer?
How can I report on influencers using Digivizer?

Use Digivizer to measure and report on your influencer marketing campaign.

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Digivizer is a useful tool to report on your influencer marketing campaigns.

In the Earned Media tab, you can see all posts that mention your brand handle. So long as your influencers use your brand handle, or hashtags that you have asked our Support Team to add to your account so you can track it, you’ll be able to see their posts in the Earned tab.

Once your influencers have connected their accounts to Digivizer, you’ll see more data on your influencers’ posts as opposed to non-influencers’ posts.

Take a look at one example from Instagram:

Non-Influencer Instagram Post

Influencer Instagram Post

This is great for reporting at a glance or from your Digivizer dashboard. You can see all the relevant data in one place.

To monitor and report on your influencer marketing campaign in a broader sense, use the Date Picker to encompass the time period where your influencers were posting.

Refer to our help article for more information on how to use Date Picker.

You can then use the filter bar to narrow down the results you’re seeing by platform, username, or hashtag. You can even type into the filter bar to set a custom filter (such as a particular influencer’s username)!

If you’re composing reports somewhere else, such as in a spreadsheet or presentation, you can also download all the data from the Digivizer Earned tab into a .CSV file so you can use it for your own purposes.

Note: Before you download the CSV, make sure all the posts you care about have loaded on the page. If there’s a large volume of posts, it might take a minute to load everything. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see “No more posts for this date range” to be sure you’ve got everything.

Need more support?

If you need any further support, we recommend you use the in-platform chat feature to connect with our support team or book a demo with our experts.

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