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How can I search for my ads by name in Digivizer?
How can I search for my ads by name in Digivizer?

Find your campaigns, adsets and ads the easy way.

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You can search for your ads by name in Digivizer’s Paid Performance page by using the filter bar. We’ll walk you through exactly how.

The first step is to name your campaigns when you’re setting them up, of course!

When you’re running paid media campaigns on social media or search engines, we heartily recommend using detailed naming conventions. Sure, you could call them “Campaign 1”, “Campaign 1 (copy)” and so on, but that’s going to confuse you when you want to go back and find specific data or results later.

If you’re looking for recommendations about what kind of naming conventions to use for your paid media campaigns, try including:

  • which part of the marketing funnel the campaign is aimed at (e.g. MOFU/middle of funnel, BOFU for bottom of funnel and MOFU for middle of funnel)

  • which month, quarter or period the campaign is designed for (e.g. January)

  • the theme of the campaign (e.g. product name, book launch, Valentine’s Day)

Why do we recommend naming conventions? Because then you can make use of Digivizer’s in-built filtering feature! Now that your campaigns have names you can reference, let’s see how to search for them on Digivizer.

First, head to the Paid Performance page and look for the filter bar.

You can find the filter bar for Paid Performance at the top of the page, just below the Date Picker. You can either type freely in the filter bar, or you can set custom filters we have provided for you - or both!

To see the filter options, click on the filter bar. A menu will drop down.

There are four kinds of filters in the Paid Performance filter bar.

You can use the free text box to filter your campaigns or, you can use the predefined levels including at the Platforms, Campaigns, Adsets or Adverts level to view your data in ways that are important to you.

If you’re looking for a specific ad and you’ve used naming conventions to allow this, just put the name into the filter bar, hit Enter or Return, and head down to the table at the bottom of the page.

If you’re looking for individual ads, select the “Advert” level, and you’ll see every ad that includes the text you typed into the filter bar (for example, “TOFU” is what we typed into the filter bar in the example below).

You can even see the images included in each ad so you can better tell which one is which! Pro tip: click on a specific ad to see how it looks on its platform. (Make sure you have your ad-blocker turned off first.)

Need more support?

If you need any further support, we recommend you use the in-platform chat feature to connect with our support team or book a demo with our experts.

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