What is Top Pages?

In Top Pages, you’ll be able to easily identify which pages of your website perform best on web traffic metrics through a ranking of each of your web pages, the average session time, page views, bounce rate and exit percentage.

What does Top Pages tell me?

By understanding the pages that are best performing for web traffic, you can easily identify what content, layout, and products resonate with your customers, draw the most traffic, keep visitors engaged and encourage them to further explore your site.

Each column highlights a different feature; Page Views (how many people are visiting), Avg. Time on Page (are they staying for long/engagement with content), Bounce Rate (the percentage of single-page sessions in which no interaction was made) and Exit Rate (how often people exit from that page when they visit).

How can I use Top Pages?

Get valuable updates of particular goals by clicking on any of the metrics outlined above to filter results. You can find the overall average of your page performance in the bottom darker grey bar.

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