It's quick and easy to get your Facebook and Instagram business accounts connected to the Digivizer platform.

Meta owns both Facebook and Instagram. Because of this, you can connect your Facebook and Instagram Business accounts via the same token.

To get started head to the ‘Manage Connections’ tab located under the cog in the top right of the Digivizer platform.

At the top of the Manage Connection screen, you'll see the ‘Facebook and Instagram Business Account’ bar. Press the blue ‘connect’ button and follow the prompts!

You'll first need to log in with your personal Facebook account. Your personal data won't be collected or displayed and no other users in your Brand Space will be able to see your personal token. This is necessary to validate your permission to the relevant Facebook and Instagram Business accounts that you wish to connect to Digivizer.

Once your personal account has been validated you'll be returned to the Manage Connections page where you can now connect your business accounts.

Please note you need to ensure you have admin access to your Business accounts to connect.

To connect, your Instagram Business account follows the same process by selecting the "Connect" button on the Manage Connections page.

Your account is now successfully connected!

If any of your Facebook or Instagram accounts are not showing up when you connect you likely haven't updated the business integration setting in Facebook or do not have the correct permissions to these accounts. You can find out how to update your business integration settings here.

If you get stuck, or are having issues connecting, please message our Intercom live chat located in the bottom right of the Digivizer screen.

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