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Troubleshooting Guide: GA4 Conversions Set Up
Troubleshooting Guide: GA4 Conversions Set Up

GA4 Settings: Setting Conversions & Troubleshooting

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From 30 June 2023, Google migrated all Universal Analytics (Google Analytics 3) customers to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Many businesses face the challenge of working out how to successfully migrate without the tools, support and know-how to ensure website performance data retains its usefulness and actionability.

As a proud Google partner, Digivizer can offer a range of support services and help documentation to ensure that your marketing data remains uncompromised.

Setting the Scene: The Migration to GA4

Previously in Universal Analytics (Google Analytics 3), attribution data was limited by device ID tracking. This means that Google used device ID tracking to determine the number of users (or unique users) to your website in a select period of time. The limitation of this attribution method was that Google could not differentiate when the users landed on your website on different devices. Therefore, unique user counts could count the same user multiple times if they were using multiple devices.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) improves the accuracy of unique user tracking. This is because GA4 is able to identify a user that lands on your website via multiple devices.

While this is great news, this improvement adds complexity for businesses and without the support of Digivizer you may be missing out on how to make this valuable data actionable. Here’s the key problems GA4 users run into and how to troubleshoot them.

Why are Events or Conversions not appearing in GA4?

Due to the GA4 attribution improvement, it is now harder to see smaller volume Events in GA4 and select them to be a Conversion to track.

How to Troubleshoot

  1. In Admin settings, go to Reporting Identity (new to GA4). You will see three options:

    1. Blended - This setting only shows Conversion data at a preset threshold. You cannot control the threshold.

    2. Observed - This setting only shows Conversion data at a preset threshold. You cannot control the threshold.

    3. Device-based - The threshold is much lower or will sometimes disappear, so more Events will be visible to select to track as a Conversion.

  2. Set to Device-based.

  3. Go to Events, you will see more Events to set as a Conversion.

Refer to Google's Reporting identity options documentation for more information.

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